Megavideo sucks bad

Tired of the limitation of 72 mins megavideo that comes out eveytime u r in the middle of a movie?!
Well, i was too. That's why this morning I spent some time looking for a solution. I mean, a definitive one. Not like all the bullshit people use to write on their blogs, such as reboot ur modem for a new IP, or use a proxy (that will slow ur connection so bad) or let the whole movie load and then watch it offline. This is crazy, why would i watch a film on streaming if I need to wait ages for it to load?!
Yeah, i found a solution that rocks. It's called ILLIMITUX. It's just a firefox addon. Install it, restart firefox and it's done. It's for both Windows and Mac users. It basically loads the movie in another window, changing the IP for u, therefore tricking that dull megavideo server. You can download it here.


When I wrote this post I was in Australia, and the service was working really well. Now I'm in Italy and, unfortunately, I've to say that here illimitux isn't that good.. I assume that the proxy servers they use to trick megavideo are located somewhere close to Australia, but relatively far from Europe and that's why the service doesn't work really well here.

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